Forthcoming Events

The vast majority of Diabolus performances are at weddings, private events for corporate clients, or presentations for schools, so the number of occasions on which we can say to the general public, "Come and see us at ..." is relatively small. Diabolus fans should watch this space, as we somtimes get public gigs at short notice. If this page is out of date, it's because I'm idle. Please feel free to send abusive email and wake me up.

Historical Hereford Day

Saturday 12th July 2014

This is one of our favourite events. Hereford si a lovely old town, and it seems as if the entire populace turns out for Historical Hereford Day. The Cathedral is worth a visit, of course, but there will be all sorts of historical things happening, from Medieval to First World War. Including, of course, a pair of jolly minstrels.

More info : Website or phone 01432 268430.

Hereford - historic house in town centre

Old Colehurst Manor


If you want the ultimate historical experience, you could book in for a meal, or an extended stay, at the candlelit Old Colehurst Manor, a fascinating, perfectly restored, early seventeenth century manor house close to Market Drayton, where we entertain regularly. It must be one of the most atmospheric restaurant/guest houses in England, and many visitors have descibed it as one of the most memorable experiences of their lives. You will be fed on authentic and delicious historical recipes developed by My Lady Maria of Colehurst, and pampered by a host of fine maidens. It's an ideal venue for a wedding reception or a small party of important corporate guests.

For details and prices, ring Maria on 01630 638833.