The Diabolus Waits

We've always taken great delight in the grand and glorious sonorities of the renaissance shawm band, and we've always opened our concerts with a noyse of shawms. Until recently, though, we had neither the instruments nor the players to put together a full band of waits. Then we encountered Sue and Barry Pope, two talented, dedicated and very enthusiastic players of modern brass, who were keen to move into the early music world, and were happy to spend insane amounts of dosh on professional instruments.

Lo, the Diabolus Waits are arisen! We do not intend to limit ourselves to the jolly, rumbustious, but somewhat superficial repertoire normally associated with waits. Our programmes will include serious consort music, madrigals, chansons, maybe even excerpts from the odd mass. And plenty of toe-tapping numbers too, of course.

Our inaugural concert was part of Lincoln Early Music Festival 2006. We went down a storm, and we received some very nice comments. We're currently expanding the repertoire and telling everyone who will listen that there's a new shawm band in town.