The Instrument Workshop
Birmingham Conservatiore Commission

My dreams of adding all sorts of exciting instruments to the Diabolus collection have largely been thwarted by a growing reputation, which seems to be expanding my waiting list in a very gratifying manner. Commissions are coming in regularly from conservatoires, professional performers, students, re-enactors, and other early music obsessives. But don't worry. If you fancy one of the lovely beasties below, it's still measured in months rather than years.

My reconstructions are based on the best evidence currently available. For many of the sixteenth century and later instruments, there are surviving examples in European museums which can be studied, and there is a fair amount of documentary evidence. Earlier instruments rely on rare survivials, illustrations, odd treatises and the constructional experience gained from work on later models.

To order, enquire, or if you're after something that's not listed, please contact me.

Latest : I'm gradually giving each instrument its own page, and uploading more pictures and information. Apologies for the current inconsistent format.

I've had to put my prices up a bit. It's mainly to allow for inflation, but I'm also having to be a bit more realistic about how long certain jobs take. Apologies to the penurous. People who've already ordered - don't worry. You'll get your new toys at the old prices.

street-organ Street Organ
symphony Symphony
Royal College Hurdy-gurdy Hurdy-gurdy - "Royal College" model
4-course Gittern Medieval Gittern
Renaissance Guitar Renaissance Guitar
6-course Vihuela Vihuela
7-course orpharion Orpharion
Baroque guitar Baroque guitar
Mandore Mandore NEW
Pigsnout Psaltery Medieval Psaltery, 3 octave pigsnout
Cantigas Psaltery Medieval Psaltery, "Cantigas" model
Soprano Rebec Soprano Rebec
17-string medieval lap harp Medieval Lap Harp
Gothic Harp Gothic Harp, 25 strings, after Memling £600
Dulcimer Medieval Dulcimer, 2 octaves triple-strung £300
Big Psaltery Great big 14th century Italian psaltery with attitude, 1 octave, triple strung £300

Delivery - We have to add delivery at cost to these prices, because something like a hurdy-gurdy needs one hell of a carrier pigeon, and they eat seed like there's no tomorrow. Delivery charges vary depending on where you live, so please contact me for a quote and payment details.

Other instruments - Please enquire - we'll give you a quote on most stringy things except runner beans.